Addiction Counseling

Start Your Journey to a Better Life

We offer addiction counseling in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, LA

Have you failed a drug test? Addiction treatment may be mandated by your counselor. Opioid Addiction Solutions® in Lafayette and Baton Rouge, LA offers therapy for opioid use disorder. With our counseling program, you can start taking your life back and find your sense of normal again.

Call 225-999-2265 (Baton Rouge) or 337-789-0558 (Lafayette) today for addiction counseling.

What makes our counseling program great?

If you choose us for addiction counseling, you'll have a helping hand every step of the way. Our counselor:

  • Tailors counseling to every patient
  • Focuses on the root cause of addiction
  • Provides services for the family of the patient
During the counseling process, you'll come back at least every 30 days for treatment and testing. This helps us provide accountability and understand what steps we need to take next.

Speak with a counselor today about therapy for opioid use disorder.