Behavior Therapy

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Addiction therapy can help you tackle your bad habits

Once you start the journey of recovery, meeting with an addiction therapist may become part of your routine. Opioid Addiction Solutions® provides addiction therapy in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA. We focus on retraining the body to respond differently to emotions that may trigger relapses.

Opioids are our primary focus, but we also assist clients who struggle with drugs, alcohol and other substances.

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When you're ready to start therapy, you'll want to know what kind of topics we'll cover. Addiction therapy covers topics like:

  • How to avoid addiction
  • How to change your behavior to modify habits
  • How you can create techniques to prevent relapse
Our therapist covers all of these topics and more. You'll meet with them to determine what approach works best for you and start creating a plan for your future. Email us now to connect with a therapist.